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Ok, so it's only been a day or two of not using any products and I feel that my face is getting better already! Like I said in my previous post, I must have destroyed my face with all the chemicals I was slapping on it! My skin doesn't look like a tomato now! The overall colour of my face is not as red as it was! The redness of my pimples has definitely diminished too! I have a couple new bumps but they are probably an after effect of the damage I did the other week! However, my face is still very dry and I think it will be that way until it starts calming down again! I eventually want to add a gentle cleanser to my regimine after my skin has calmed down, does anybody have any suggestions? Also another thing that I've been trying to adopt is drinking more water!! I am soooo bad at not drinking enough..... I could literally go a week without drinking it, except to brush my teeth! Pretty bad eh! But today I managed to drink 9 cups of water and hopefully I can keep that up! I've literally never gone without some sort of harsh product, so I hope this experiment is worthwhile smile.png

And check out the photos in my gallery from only two days later!! - Pictures Titled Day 2 :P

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