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Acne Not A Cosmetic Condition

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Stress can aggravate your skin by triggering the release of androgens and cortisol.These stress harmones can stimulate an overproduction of oil.When this excess oil mixes with dead skin cells,it promotes bacterial growth and can cause acne to develop or worsen,i know its hard,but keep it cool and find the right way for you as i found mine,and i hope you get there!

Most acne systems addresses present, and future acne,but fail to address the past effects,i was lucky to find a regime that focused on the past,present and the future effects of acne breakouts,after 30+yrs of suffering,i did it all non invasefull at lasty,meaning i did not need to take anything internally,as an adult i was so excited,but i was kind of a guinea pig for my child,who had suffered with cystic acne for 7 yrs as well!

.Most acne treatment also target only the production of sebum and growth of bacteria,However,to effectively and comprehensively treat acne,you must do more than this.When the body is fighting acne,it causes an increase in free radicals,which deplete the skin's natural antioxiadant supply,get a product that incorporates antioxidants that restore the skin's natural resiliency and vibrancy,that targets sebum production and gently dissolves the plug that allows bacteria to grow.It also addresses the issue of inflammation and remnants of past breakouts.We all know(as sufferes with years of research behind us)that-

-Benzoyl peroxide is known to have the following side effects with extended use+-Dryness and sensitivity-about 3% of eople are allergic to Benzoyl peroxide and experience dryness or peeling of skin and a tingling or slight sensation(i had this,but still marched on with battle!)

-Free radical damage-its the leading cause of againg and deasease,they are unstable,highly reactive molecules with ability to damage cell membranes,DNA and important cellular structures.Peroxide is an oxidative species than can create free radicals.Additionally,Benzoyl peroxide does not address uneven skin texture,discolaration or hyperpigmentation associated with past breakouts.Go for the products with salicylic Acid as it does address these issues with the exfoliatingWproperties and other key ingredients,its a beta hydroxy that effectvely penetrates pores and gently exfoliates to eliminate most blemishes!!what pleasure after years of abuse on my skin to finally discover Salicylic Acid products!

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