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Day 43 On Spironolactone - In The Clear!



My skin looks the best it has ever been in the last 5+ years. I have maybe 2 spots that are totally minor. No cysts at all! And I'm getting my period this week, so normally this would be the worst my skin looks throughout the month. I'm so happy and so glad I stuck with the spiro. I saw my primary care physician yesterday and she said I can stop the doxycycline completely. So I'll just be taking the 100mg/day of spiro and my birth control pill. I'm still using the tretinoin cream 0.025% at night, but have switched to every other night since the weather has turned so cold and my skin is drying out a lot faster now. I am so satisfied with the results so far. I can't wait to see how my skin looks after another few months, since most people said it keeps getting better. Now just need to fade these darn spots from past breakouts....... ugh...

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