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*scratches Face* It's Snowing!



So it's day 9 of my journey. It's going by very quickly, the first 4 days my forehead looked to be getting a bit worse, but now it's calmed down. I can see a change it redness of my face but no reducement in blemishes. Oh well I still have 4.5 months to go!

I have had an EXTREMELY dry face. Literally I would scratch my forehead and all these skin flakes would fall off onto my lap, it's so embarrassing! The corners of my nose are so ridiculously dry i can't stop itching them, so I put Vaseline on them hoping it would help.

My lips are so dry One side of my bottom lip split. I've already been through a whole tube of Chapstick too! I put Vaseline on that to hoping it will help.

But my biggest problem is I have been having the WORST back pain ever! I can lay flat in bed or turn to quick or else I get this sharp pain. I'm just hoping this wont affect my basketball season.

I just want it to be over! And I'm seeing close to no change :/ hope all is well for everyone else!

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