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Day 233

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at about 8 weeks of using retin-a .1 on my forehead and i like it! in a few more weeks i will gradually start to use it on my whole face. in certain light, my forehead still looks bumpy, but it's definitely better. also, since switching to everyday minerals (the base with jojoba) my skin has been much better on the lower half of my face. this makeup also doesn't get flaky, which i love. on another weird note, i have a few little permanent (i think) bumps on my forehead that i believe are overgrowths of skin. i have about 3 of them. last night after i washed my face one of them was tender and hurt a little, almost like it was pushing itself out of the skin. i popped it gently, so now there's a little red mark there. i wonder if i got enough out for it to be gone for good, or if i just broke open the top of it? does anyone else get these? my dermatologist said it can happen when the skin grows too quickly in a particular spot, and they can be removed, but may scar?

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