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Short Term Goal #1

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Okay, so obviously saying "I'm not going to pick ever again starting now" is not a reasonable goal for me. So, as another member suggested to me, I'm going to make short term goals for myself. The first one is that I'm NOT going to pick until after thanksgiving. That means no picking tonight, and no picking tomorrow morning before all the thanksgiving festivities begin. This is going to be hard. Because I'm getting ready for work and have so many bumps and scabs that I'm trying to cover up with makeup and these are the moments when I just want to flatten everything out. But I won't. Not at least until after thanksgiving. But hopefully, not even then either.

Please God, let me conquer this short term goal.

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Fine idea! Try adding a powerful anti-biotic to your "no picking" plan. I found the easiest way for me to stop picking was to OD on anti-biotics and have smooth clear skin. If you already take an anti-biotic tell your derm you need a higher dose. Just thinking out loud...good luck on "STOP PICKING".

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