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One Week In

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So, it's been a week. I've had zero side effects, with the exception of more and more pimples, &c., cropping up every day.


Here's hoping.

In other news, I've lost 3 lbs since starting. It's basically killed my appetite. Hm.

Alright, a few update photos; now to go cover this all up.




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Catherine....Good Luck. It sucks in the beginning but things will get easier. I am a month in and have not had any major breakouts yet but i still get new pimples and clogged pores everyday - still not as bad as it was pre accutane (keeping my fingers crossed)

I am from NY as well. How did you make out with hurricane Sandy? Take care to moisturize as i have a feeling this winter is gonna be brutal.

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I have felt that my appetite has decreased as well, I didn't realize this was a side effect, good luck with your treatment, I'm only a week into it and so far not to bad!

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