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Zinc, My Diet. Opinions Guys! :)

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Liam Foster


Hello. I will let you all know of a slight problem i have atm with my diet. It my previous blogs i have mentioned i am on a gluten free diet, however this only specifies around the same meal everyday. Because i cannot cook for the life of me and havent got much money, i have been living on gluten free pasta, everyday! Everyday i have the same meal without fault, which is - Gluten free pasta, spicy tomato sauce and pink salmon on top. Not fresh salmon but tinned. I wrote in a blog last night that i keep on getting new hurtful acne all over and it will not stop! I stumbled on a thought that it could be tomatoes. Now because i am eating pasta with this spicy tomato sauce everyday, im thinking, could it be the spicy tomato sauce causing my acne? Bearing in mind i have been having the same meal for the last 6 months...I have been looking up on chelated zinc also, and there are countless amounts of people who have had success with taking it! I have just bought 50mg if chelated zinc that i will start taking immediately when it arrives! But yeah that's my problem which i need your opinions on please! Could tomatoes, and the spicy sauce be the cause of it all? If so, then i really dont know what else i can have to eat haha, ill be screwed!

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I have tried every diet under the sun including vegan/no wheat. The only thing that has ever worked for me is amoxicillin, tretinoin and benzaclin. (Differin also can substitute for retin-a) As to zinc I believe that zinc is very beneficial in healing skin lesions. My facial moisturizer contains zinc. Good luck!

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I guess everyone is different, but i don't want to just pump myself full of prescribed drugs before trying other methods. Chelated zinc sounds really good!

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