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Cystic Acne Is Killing My Confidence!

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So I guess I had missed my window to do the online iPledge test and from when I got my prescription or something so I had to go back to the derm and "start over" so I went to the derm to get another pregnancy test and a new prescription (which they said I was going to stay on 20mg) but decided to up me to 60mg because of my cysts. The nurse said I have severe acne and 20mg wont cut it. I knew I had bad acne but never really considered it to be severe, so that really crushed my confidence and I almost started crying, because I even had makeup on so I thought it looked better, guess I am not fooling anyone with makeup. with an increase in my dosage I am really nervous about another breakout and worse side effects. I can't handle anymore cysts, they are completely deforming my face. i am so sad.

I finally decided to upload some photos so you guys can understand what I am dealing with. (sorry for blacking out my eyes, I am incredibly embarrassed about this)

hopefully 60mg works!!! cross your fingers for me!!

thanks for listening to this pathetic rant.

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You are a very responsible person to seek professional advice and care for your skin. I too had severe acne. I had cysts and whiteheads all over my entire face. Nothing worked except high doses of amoxicillin and topical cure-all benzaclin. My skin is clear now and my scars are fading over the passage of time. Just know you are on the right path...never give up!

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