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Day 202

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just finished 3 weeks of using retin-a .1 on my forehead...i like it! yesterday and today i felt really good about that part of my makeup! the rest of my face is looking pretty good too...the whiteheads from last week have seemed to stop, possibly because i switched from pur minerals foundation to bare minerals (matte). i know some people have had problems with it, and i definitely don't like the coverage as much as pur minerals, but it's buildable and i'm glad it doesn't seem to be hurting my skin! eventually, after using the retin-a .1 on my forehead for 12 weeks, i want to start using it on the rest of my face, to hopefully prevent those annoying whiteheads i get around my period. eventually, i'd like to phase out the spiro (i only take 50 mg/day and i'm not sure it's doing much) and a few years down the road i'll also want to stop taking birth control. i'd like to be on the stronger retin-a when that happens.

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