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Days 1-3



Day 1: Just popped my first pill! After a month of waiting and dealing with all the iPledge drama and bloodwork I am so pumped! I obviously have no side effects yet but have a tube of chapstick in my pocket ready to go.

Day 2: Is it possible to already feel some side effects? I've had a slight headache all day and my mouth feels dry ... l'm guzzling water like none other. But a giant cyst that I felt coming up didn't appear! Crisis averted. Probably because I've been taking both Accutane and Doxycycline the past 2 days as recommended by my derm. He hopes to help me avoid a giant breakout ... fingers crossed.

Day 3: Headache still persisitent, mouth still a bit dry and woke up this morning with my lips feeling slightly dry. ... Here we go.

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