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I Finally Cleared My Acne. Here's How:

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this is all i did: 500mg evening primrose oil twice a day!

1 honey mask for 1 hour a day

the primrose oil reduces oil production (no! i have no scientific proof)

honey has an antibacterial in it it and also makes your skin really soft. I'm sure you could do it just 15 minutes a day twice if you are in a hurry. use organic raw non pasteurized honey or it wont work

thanks to this i am 100% clear for the first time in 6 years. good luck

I don't care if you wont accept my advice. I don't have acne anymore so its not my problem. you can try it or not try it. shrug.gif

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Curious, how long did it take before you stopped breaking out? 1yr? 6 months? 2 weeks?

1 week but i had moderate to start. it might take you two weeks.

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I wouldnt try it I was just curious. I have a kick ass regimen already and I have zero breakouts.

antibiotics ruin one's body. i recomend going off all that junk the pharma sells you. if it really worked they wouldn't be able to keep selling you it.

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