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Accutane Day 5

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Day 5

So, day 5...I finally got a full nights sleep by stepping down my dosage, taking only 1 pill a day. I checked with the doc and he said it was alright to do and just slowly add more mgs per day. I hadnt really slept all week, so this was great. So far, so good. My lips are really dry so I am using Burts Bees. My skin is starting to get a little itchy, but not severely dry as of yet. The acne I currently have is starting to go away- notable in particular bc of one cystic acne nodule that has been on my cheeck for about a month, which after 5 days is FINALLY going away. I do still feel anxious for a few hours after taking each pill, but I am exercising and trying to stay physically active to counteract it, which seems to help or at least take my mind off of it.

Generally feeling upbeat and going strong! I'll check back in after the weekend :)

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