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Week 5

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Week five has been okay, my doctor is keeping me at 20mg for four more months. I am happy with how things are going except the cyst that I had injected on friday has now started to come back! 4 days later.... I have had success with cortisone injections prior to this so I dont know what the deal is! Otherwise I have been happy with how things are going, i still have black heads being pushed out of my skin (gross) and a few white heads coming up, but they are drying up and falling off very quickly. I am liking that! and i dont have to wash my hair everyday :)

Hopefully this cyst doesn't get any bigger! :(

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It's good you're staying low. I am doing 60mg this month and getting some eye problem. I hope it's not related to the Accutane but if it continues I have to call in tomorrow.

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yeah, i was definitely scared of worse side effects so I am glad I am staying at 20mg. But I think since it is so low will take longer to be completely acne free.. :( but i hope it gets to that point!

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