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No Makeup (Have You Tried This?) Selfconcious



I have been no makeup for about 4 days. I'm sad to say I have still had new breakouts. :/


I was using bisque Bare Minerals Concealer and foundation for years and realized it may be causeing some of my breakouts !!!!


it's hard for me to go with out make up since I have been putting that mask on everyday for so long. My acne is mainly conjested on my cheeks :/ come around my chin area and my forhead some times but mostly cheeks which I feel is the main featur of my face so I hate that the acne is there. I do ACV toner but its not helping :(

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I have the same issue! You want to go without makeup for the sake of your skin but yet are self conscious about how you look without it! When my breakouts were really bad I would try it out but the same thing would happen to me :( usually it gets worse before getting better but in this instance it's hard to tell. For me I think being without makeup didn't help because I was acne prone period. Hopefully this does help you though everyone is different!

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I've been make up free for over a year and my breakouts are still persistent . Mainly in my cheeks.

It hasn't really helped my skin sadly. Ive learned to deal with it , so it doesn't bother me being make up free in public. I still say try giving it a month without make up and maybe your heal will benefit from it more than me. We all have different types of skin.

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Hey, I wanted to just say I have added Zinc supplement into my diet ! and after 3 weeks (i thought it was not working but i read it takes about a month completely) of taking 50mg in the morning (make sure to take it with food so not to get any nasea) and 50mg in the evening and I have NO active acne atm and my red marks are fading !! (: maybe you should try!

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what is your regimen if you don't mind my asking? You should be preventing new breakouts with medications. ie the Regimen from this site, proactiv or X-OUT! Or like I do you could see a dermatologist and get on some serious meds like, amoxicillin, a powerful anti-biotic, benzaclin a powerful acne fighter which contains both a topical antibiotic clindamycin and benzoyl peroxide in one cool cream. There's always good ole' Retin-A to add to the mix. If you use all those meds, and STILL breakout...then there is something to worry about. I never ever wear makeup because I have acne prone skin. Just a tip. You may be able to find non-acnegic make-up. Some liquid foundations even contain salicylic acid. http://www.neutrogena.com/product/skinclearing+liquid+makeup.do

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I want to fix my acne naturally, the medicine man kind has made only prevents symtoms it doesn't actually get to the root cause of the acne and get rid of it because when you stop taking it acne returns. :/ so I want to use home natural remedies and dietary changes to fix mine i'm just trying to find the right changes.

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