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Day 30!

So I went to the derm yesterday and everything checked out okay. I am now going to be taking two 40 Mg pills a day. Im still breaking out and this is frustrating. Im hoping with the higher dosage I start seeing some results here soon! I finally got the SPF 15 Earth Sciences Moisturizer from Whole Foods and it has glycolic acid in it which is helping my skin stay flake free and its a small amount so it doesnt irritate at all! I am now also using Bio-Oil at night to start helping fade some scars. I just started that tonight and I am using all the same products I was before and im still spot treating with benzoyl peroxide. I will update you in 10 days or so and hopefully im seeing results!!!!!!

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Woah..I would back off of adding oil to the dermis. The P. Acnes that create pimples dine exclusively on oils. And as for spot treating pimples..not very effective. Once you get the zit the battle has been lost. You should apply benzoyl peroxide to your entire face to prevent new pimples forming. I know I sound like a know it all but I have been around the block with this disease and I have a very talented dermatologist. She is a woman.

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Wait it would be bad using oil even with me being on Accutane? Also I cant apply BP to the whole face as it overly dries me out with the Accutane.

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I think after accutane you should try a chemical peel instead of oil. Oil always clogs pores and feeds P. acnes (the bacteria that cause pimples).

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