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Bad Breakout ~14Th Sept



Last Friday [14th Sept] i started to have a bad breakout. Quite a few spots appeared, around usual areas - temple, near side burns and couple below corners of mouth.

I first noted the pre-spot pain around Friday so could of been triggered by something days earlier - who knows.

Things to note:

Very little sleep Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday night. around 5 hours a night, if that and broken, poor etc.

A few days earlier [maybe a week or so even] i had had ~ 25 mg Zinc Picolinate for a couple of days. - Probs insignificant.

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday did some fairly long morning, afternoon fasting, even with some exercise, i thought i made a connection with not eating / fastign in the past and acne - maybe some kind of stress thing but it was always just a correlation thing so i don't know either way.

Might be stress related in general - ie early mornings - late nights - lack of sleep - fasting - exercise etc

Also took New Cod Liver Oil from SevenSeas on Thursday 13th.

Could well have been Cod Liver oi..

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