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Day 1 On My New Acne Routine.

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Maggie Lynn


Acne. It sucks.

For years I have been struggling with acne. I believe it started when I was 13 in middle school and still today I am 20 years old and I have acne. Now it has been better then my teenage years but it is still annoying and embarrassing to get huge inflamed white heads or bumps that wont go away.

I have tried Natures cure, Clean & Clear, Neutrogena, L'oreal, Clean Start, and Acne Free.

I have found a wash from Clean and Clear that is 10% Benzyl Peroxide that works amazing for my skin but I am sick of my face always red and dry and my face seemed to produce more oils to compensate for the dryness.

A couple months ago I got into the hobby of soap making and have since been researching additives to help treat acne. I have since made some soap that was made for acne. And lately I have decided to switch back to a more natural non chemical acne system.

Currently I am using two soaps. Last night when I started I used a Tea Tree, Lavender, Shea butter and glycerin soap. I have given it to friends and used it myself and my boyfriends mom who as SUPER sensitive like can not even wear makeup was impressed. The soap I made is 100% vegetable glycerin soap base with shea butter with essential oil, fragrance and color.

Now a little background on soap. Glycerin is naturally occuring in hand made soaps and glycerin soap base can be purchased. Glycerin is awesome if you have dry sensitive skin. It prevents skin dryness with its moisturizing properties. It draws moisture up through skin layers and slows or prevents excessive drying and evaporation.

***If you are familiar with soap like dial the basic anti bacterial bars that leave skin with that "soap" feeling where in the shower your skin feels dry and squeaky this soap will leave your skin feeling like this until your face is completely dry. But the glycerin in the soap should leave your skin feeling soft clean and not dried out after the water has completely dried and i have to stress this because even if there is the tiniest bit of moisture on your face it will feel tight or "squeaky"***

The first batch of the tea tree had lavender fragrance, not a natural oil, and a blue skin safe dye. I will be making the same soap but with essential oils.

Tea tree and Lavender are both naturally antibacterial and calming and make for a perfect naturally antibacterial soap. For the new all natural bar i will be making activated charcoal will be added. Charcoal is like a sponge and will suck up and oils and toxins on the skin.

Now the exact soap im using is made by me but if you search on etsy under soap you will be able to find all natural hand made soap for acne or I can post the recipe to make this bar of soap including stores to buy at as well as online.

A little about me:

I am 20 years old and a college student. I am majoring in culinary arts which calls for amazing personal hygiene. I have horribly oily skin it is just so nasty when i wake up it feels like I am drowning in oil. Add makeup on top of that during that day and it is not pretty. I have tried harsh astringents and make up primer and oil control makeup powder, blotting papers nothing works. As far as acne I have light/moderate acne. Black heads the occasional inflamed huge painful volcano looking thing as well as small red bumps and worse of all acne scaring that is fading slowly. After this first day of trying out I have already seen a difference my skin is not as red, and after two hours since washing still oil free. my skin is soft and feels soft and not dry at all. My acne looks better too.

This blog is for those who have tried the whole medication thing and just want something gentle and natural. The best part is making your own in the long run is cheaper.

A small disclamer: As far as acne treatment goes I will be using home made soap with natural and skin safe synthetic materials. I dont want people to think that its an all natural kick it is a natural no harsh chemical system.

I will be posting every day about with pictures of my progress and posts will document things like oil control how long new break outs last and all of that.


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