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Day 1 Of Claravis (Isotretinoin, Accutane)



Today is my first day starting Claravis. I have had acne for about 2 years now, and in the last 6 months, it's gotten worse than its ever been. Its caused me to withdraw a little from my social life, and it really upsets me. I've tried every class of antibiotics, I have used almost every topical in the book and it just won't go away, and its starting to leave scars in my skin so I have decided to use isotretinoin.

The first time my doctor offered, I declined because my acne isn't severe, and I knew how powerful this drug is. But now I'm just so sick of the stress that acne has put on me and I am ready to start. I'm going to blog throughout my treatment because I know that it helps to read people's stories. I researched for weeks before I made my decision and I hope I can help someone out. smile.png (even though I'm not even sure anyone will find this) I have attatched some pictures

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Good luck to you! I took it twice and it worked wonderfully! Yours isn't anywhere near as bad as you think so when your done it will be as if acne never even happened to you. I can offer a tip to you and that is definitely moisturize your skin. It will help heal skin when it's moist rather than dry. I'm just waiting for some red marks to fade but they are slowly. Moisturize after showering once your skin is moist but not soaking wet. Try not to pick cause your risk of scarring on Accutane goes pretty high. Drink lots of water too. Good luck again and before you know it, you will be done :)

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