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My Roaccutane Journey...



I should have started blogging earlier, I'm on day five of Roaccutane.

A little about my acne, spot and pimple journey. I've suffered with spot's since I was 12 years old, at times it has been an extremely traumatic journey and sometimes I had no spots at all. I noticed that when I was pregnant I had no spots and I had amazing skin! Why couldn't I have skin like that all the time? I love my children but have no desire to spend the rest of my life pregnant. lol. tongue.png

In the last 15 years or so I have been on so many different types of medication from over the counter to prescriptions. A list of a few prescriptions below.

  • Benzoyl peroxide wash
  • Doxycycline
  • Oxytetracyclitine
  • Zinc acetate lotion
  • Erthromycine
  • Lymecycline
  • Adapalene

‚ÄčCurrently my spots and pimples are the worst they have ever been! My face is covered with small hard pus filled spots and a few cystic large and painful pimples. When I say covered I do mean covered. The only area of my face that is spot free is my eye area! I usually get a few spots on my forehead and chin area. But at the moment I also have spots and pimples under my neck, going down my neck to my chest and my back. I finally had enough when I noticed spots under my bra line!! WTF. So I went to my GP and asked for a referral to a specialist.

This is on the NHS, so there's a waiting list, I had to wait for about 6 weeks to be seen. I didn't know what to expect. The dermatologist jumped straight in and started discussing Roaccutane. I had heard about it, but didn't really know much about it. The dermatologist didn't discuss any other options, she said I couldn't get pregnant on it as the high levels of Vitamin A would cause birth defeats.

The thing I didn't enjoy about the appointment was that during the appointment a trainee derm walked in and the main derm asked if I was comfortable with her having a gander at my face. I would have said no if she wasn't in the room, but I felt I couldn't say so in front of her. Also after this the derm next door came in too and had a gander as well! I'm already very self conscious about my skin I know people may stare but actually having people in my face and looking at my skin up close was really horrible. My derm, said I have severe spots and pimples and extremely oily skin. Ummm yeah I don't have a mirror and I don't know the state of my skin!

My derm asked if I wanted more children, I'm not looking to get pregnant. lol. I was told to discuss it with my husband as there is also a risk of depression and she said it was important for him to monitor my moods. lol. I'm slightly crazy already but not too crazy. wink.png. My ol man is on board as we haven't had sex in months, due to the spots taking over my body, so he's on board the sooner I get clear the sooner he thinks we can have sex. lol.

I signed the paper work and had to do a urine test to make sure I'm not pregnant and then I had to get blood tests done. I'm not pregnant, yay! I don't know when the bloods will come back but I went back to the derm and was given the prescription. The process was positive for me and seemed very quick, I don't know why I didn't do this sooner. The whole process took about 3 hours. I have to do monthly pregnancy tests and get some paperwork from the derm nurse with the prescription to get the next months tablets. This has to be done at the hspital and prescription can only be filled at the hospital pharmacy. sad.png

So as I said this is day 5 on Roaccutane for me. The side affects I currently am experiencing is dry lips, my eye's are more sensitive to the light, more headaches and dry feeling in hands.

I have been reading other people's experience of Accutane and I always keep my lips moisturised with vaseline, e45 on my hands and I been putting vaseline up my nose with a cotton bud. I am also drinking more water, I have been drinking 2 litres a day, on day 2 I only managed 1 liter of water I felt the difference. So I'm making sure to get those 2 liters.

What I want out of roaccutane is more manageable skin, a few odd spots here and there and maybe less oil. But I know that popping pills for a few months isn't going to change my DNA and stop the oil production, that's just not realistic. My oil production is crazy, if I do anything to stop or limit the oil production my oil glands go crazy and produce more oil. Like jelly fish, when they get threatened they produce more jelly babies. lol!!!

I also love my hair, its super long and thick. So I'll be really upset if my hair starts falling out but I also know that I have to pay for accutane in one way or another. cry.gifI'm also a picker, which is really bad but it's a habit now, so I will try and break the habit to limit scarring.

I also am staying away from reading the negative experiences about accutane, so I don't start becoming paranoid and crazy. I'm going to try and think positive thoughts and hope for the best and stay away from mirrors!! lol.

I hope this helps somebody. cheer.gif

I forgot to add pic's... here they are

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