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My Plan B: Day 25

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My Plan B to get rid of oily skin & whiteheads:

Oral supplements:

1) Megadose vitamin B5 to reduce the oil (5 pills each and 4 times per day)

Skincare routine:


1) La Roche-Posay Effaclar K


1) Neostrata gel plus AHA 15% each night (overnight)

2) La Roche-Posay Effaclar mat


1) No beef (on this diet for over a year now)

2) Low sugar diet

3) Low dairy diet

4) 8 cups of water (tea) each day

Progress so far: Improvement - Oily skin, Acne? No

So I woke up this morning, and as usual, my face is greasy but not extremely oily like it used to be. I guess either B5 is kicking in or the products that I have been using are helping me with the oil reduction. Anyways, aside from monitoring the oil production, the whiteheads that I took out yesterday were really red right now. I look like I have a major break out right now. They still hurt a little when I washed my face this morning but this is normal because my skin has been traumatized. I know people have been telling me not to pick my whiteheads or pimples but I have a tendency to do it. I left my skin untouched for a week (which is already a miracle for me) but the whiteheads accumulated day by day and some actually turned into actual pimples! Anyways, as I was picking my whiteheads yesterday, I realized that some of these 'so what called' whiteheads underneath my skin are actually huge blackheads. I never had blackheads on my skin (except of course on my nose) but I keep getting these nasty huge blackheads on my cheek and chin nowadays. Aside from these clustered of blackheads, of course, there were clustered of whiteheads, mostly around my lower cheek, nose area, upper lip, and chin. As far as the pimples that I was talking about, I think* (but I am not so sure), it is shrinking. There is no pus so I am not sure if it's a cyst. It's no longer SUPER red and it doesn't hurt anymore. I am not sure what that is but we will wait and see.

So that's the long summary of my skin thus far. Let me put some thoughts on diet and acne.

Thoughts on diet and acne:

My derm used to tell me that there is no correlation between acne and diet. I could consume whatever I like and it wouldn't affect my skin condition. Last year, I began my no beef diet because a friend of mine was telling me that beef is actually really bad for your skin. So after a year of no beef diet, I realized that I seriously don't get pimples.. like papules or pustules very often. Of course, I still have acne problem but they usually formed by my inflamed whiteheads. It's actually a pleasant thing not having to wake up everyday, being scared that I have 3 or 4 new pimples forming each day. So I think.. at least for me, this no beef diet is working for me.

But in terms of oily skin, I still don't know if there is a cure to it. I am recently trying to low sugar and dairy diet. I still consume sugar of course but I am avoiding too much ​sugary products such as chocolate, cakes, coffee, and soft drinks. I have been replacing soft drinks with tea now and I no longer consume things like chocolate. I am cutting down on my coffee consumption to perhaps once or twice per week. I am not sure if this will have any long term effect on my skin but this is something that I am willing to try out.

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