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Skin Update!

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In my last post I was unable to put pictures so this post is gonna make up for that!

My skin is being a bit rowdy, you'll see what I mean.

I have bought a bunch of new skincare items to use and I'll share them to you guys soon. I'm not sure if I should wait until I see results so I can report back in one post about the item+review but two separate posts aren't a big deal.


Picture 1


My problem areas are flaring up and I'm not sure why x:! This picture was taken earlier this morning as I was getting ready for class. The only thing I have on my face is moisturizer/toner, no makeup! You can probably tell I just popped some zits because they came to head x:

Picture 2


WHAT IS GOING ON DX! The right side of my face is super sensitive right now - the acne which you can see there are pretty painful...like that throbbing pain. They're even in my eyebrow -__- Even though I'm breaking out, the areas of clear skin is really smooth. Anyway, I try to change my pillow case at least 2-3 times a week which is annoying .__. but I can't figure out any other explanation for why my right side is breaking out so furiously!

Picture 3


I don't...even...how to explain... Okay I'm not gonna complain because my skin is actually clear on the left side but ARG! How can the left side of my face be so clear while my right side is like a war zone? The left side of my face is pretty clear and the complexion is smooth and supple - LEMON JUICE GUYS XD! But because of this weird half & half deal I'm having with acne, I have to assume it's my pillow case making me break out. I always smash my face into my pillow with the right side against it. I try not to but I do it inadvertently while sleeping -____-;;

Like I said at the beginning of this post, I invested in some new skincare stuff to try out. Hopefully it can calm down my current flare ups.

And now I shall include a picture displaying the magic of makeup :V!


BAM! Makeup is a wonderful thing :>! See you guys in my next post!

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first and foremost if i haven't said it before you are hella fine your partner is a lucky dude! :)

As for the random breakout somethings that may have caused it maybe:

- has your diet changed at all

- Does your hair on the right hand side of your face (i.e. the random breakout) stay there for most of the day?

- Do you sleep on your hair when you lay on your right side.

These may sound odd but when i am lazy and don't cut my hair it becomes quite long and i realised if it touches/covers my forehead for most of the day/night i tend to breakout. Its potentially due to irritation and the oil from my hair - my hair is pretty darn dry though!

Food for thought.

have a great day!

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always the super nice guy you are XD

lets seee

-DIET AS NOT CHANGED! still as unhealthy and standard for a college student as ever

-I tie my hair up in a bun at night to keep it away from my face. I don't even remember the last time I went to bed with my hair down o__o!

-nope! there's no hair in my face when I'm snoozin' cause it's pulled back in a bun and I wear like a headband to keep my bangs away too


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- new hair products?

- Resting your hand there?

- lemon juice you use? I have used certain face washes before that like made my forehead glow but one side of my face just kept breaking out because of it, it contained lemon, witch hazel, tea tree oil all that good stuff but it just didn't sit with one side of my face - maybe the same.

Could be just random i get them every so often lol :)

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hmmm I am using a new hair conditioner but I only apply that to the ends of my hair o__o

and my hair is pretty long, it tapers into a v-shape which ends at my tailbone - no where near my face LOLS

as for resting my hand I use my left hand cause I'm a lefty so IT'S ALWAYS ON THE LEFT SIDE OF MY FACE D:

I hope lemon juice isn't the problem because it has made my skin less dull looking @___@;;

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