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Day Three Of The Regimen

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Hi, im new to this whole blogging thing so i apoligise if i make mistakes ha..

Well, its day three of doing the regimen, im using a pea size amount of BP currently only at night. So far im experiencing seriously annoying itching and whiteheads appearing. I am sixteen years old and have literally tried every product ever! I don't know the official name of what my acne is but i would say its classed as "Moderate" its pretty bad! I could never go out without foundation on thats for sure!!

I am really optimistic about the regimen and can't wait to see results.. i am starting college in two weeks and am worried that it will be all dry and awful for that. (that would be rubbish for first impressions).

Oh well, i will keep posting and updating on the whole "situation" of my skin and am happy to answer any questions smile.png

good luck on your regimen journey too smile.png

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