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Day 3 With New Treatment



Hey guys, so I just thought I would take the time to write a little bit, well type. I just love to type. Anyway, things are going okay just now, I have not took any new pictures yet but I will soon, there are'nt really any changes though. However when using the Azelaic acid cream again I did notice that it went on a bit better than the first evening I put it on. It did'nt rub any heads off like it did the first time. I have decided to take weekly pictures of my face and will post them in here :)

My shampoo's from The Body Shop arrived yesterday, I am soooo excited to try them! They smell quite nice. Both of them have good ingredients too, all natural and no harsh chemicals. It sounds disgusting to say that I have only washed my hair properly 3 times in the past 4 weeks (water every 1-2 days though) but actually it is NOT as bad as you might think. If anyone wants to try it look into "no-poo" experiments, just type it into google and you will be surprised at the amount of people that do not wash their hair with hair products.

I have actually been pretty stressed this week, moreso than others. Today was my induction for college, where Im studying the NC Access to Applied Sciences. But honestly this full week I have been stressing out over my acne and worrying about whether or not it is the right course for me, this of course is'nt helping my acne AT ALL. But I must say I am relieved today as it went quite well, it really did. I have a good bunch of people in my class (quite a small one too which is good) and lecturers seem really really nice. I remember a leaflet which my doctor gave me about acne, and it actually said that STRESS does not cause acne or worsen it, however I do read in other places that it CAN...I guess its all individual is'nt it? What workks for you possible will not work for someone else..

So current Regime is:


Wash face with water from shower head (pat dry and leave for 10 minutes)

Cleanse with Neutrogena Visibly Clear Spot Stress Control (leave to dry for another 10)

Just recently applying Tea Tree oil on worse areas


Wash face with lukewarm water, pat and leave to dry for 10 minutes

Cleanse with Neutrogena Visibly Clear Spot Stress Control and wait 10 minutes

Apply Azelaic Acid cream

I still have not had any milk, its been 9 days now...but weirdly enough I am not craving it as much as I was the past few days, hopefully it stays this way!!

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Nice to hear those cravings are fading.

Good luck with your course, too! It's always stressful going into a new situation and especially so if you might have insecurities and things about acne. I certainly know that feeling, but it never takes too long before we start to find our place in a new environment, and it'll happen even faster if you feel there's a good group of people around.


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Thankyou :) they have totally faded and gone, it was strange how they just dissipated over the course of a day or two. Im glad though! Im just trying to kind of wean myself of of sugar now. I find that if I drink herbal/fruit teas I dont need sugar though, so perhaps if I give up on my regular brew altogether I and substitute it for herbal ones I may manage that? Il see.

Yea, honestly I was pretty stressed out about college, it was the whole idea too of wondering if it is the right course for me and if not "what am I going to do?" kinda thing, aswell as the freaking out about meeting new people with my acne insecurites. I guess I really did think that people would look at me funny or just not like me/not deem me attractive enough to speak to me, you know? Im glad the situation was faaaar different from what I had expected lol

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