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Busy As A Bee

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NO REALLY! I've been running around nonstop for the past week. I start classes on monday so I've been getting things rounded up and sorted. Super depressed that my summer pretty much disappeared D:

I can't sit here much longer, there are things to do and places to go but I wanted to keep you guys updated.

First thing - I GOT A NEW DESKTOP <:!

I've been using my sony vaio for everything ever since I've got it [a little over a year and a half] and it's started to die on me. The hubby generously treated me to a destop with new monitor, keyboard & mouse. It all matches! Sleek black and each thing glows blue. The best deals for electronic hardware is on newegg so check that site out if you're hunting for a new computer!


I'm usually pretty hyped with putting up pictures showing this and that but on my tower I can't find an SD slot. On top of that I don't have photoshop on this desktop yet so I can't add my usual boaders or watermarks @__@ I'm too booked to sit around and edit my things on my laptop so some of my blog posts are on hold until I can get my pictures sorted.

Third thing - SKIN IS BREAKING OUT x__x;;

No I'm not gonna be a drama queen and say it's the end of the world but I have been breaking out a bit more than usual. A bit alarming but nothing to spazz out over.

I've been mainly breakout out on my right temple again. Super fat angry red spots which don't come to head for at least a week, y'know those suckers. I also have a HUGE right in between my eyebrows but strangely enough it was only really red and inflamed for 3 days. It hasn't come to head yet but it I jab at it with a finger a visible bump is still felt. The inflammation has gone down a lot and it's not red anymore so I can't complain. It was painful as hell though I'll tell you that :l

I have 2 much tamer blemishes that came up but they're in very annoying spots. You know that area on your upper lip? Like the hilter-mustache area? Yeah, there's on RIGHT THERE. JEEZ. I've been super patient with it waiting for it to come to head so I can go at it with a needle. DON'T SCOLD ME I KNOW YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSE TO POP ZITS! but do not fret kind sirs - I've dealt with acne long enough to know when it's okay to go for it and when to leave it alone.

The other one is under my bottom lip about 1cm and a bit towards the right. Same deal with this guy, just waiting for it to come to head and dry out a bit before skewering him.

I was on my period last week and did breakout during it which was odd since I haven't had breakouts during that time when I started popping birth control pills.

Anyway, again sorry for the lack of pictures D:!

On a final note, even though I've been breaking out, my overall skin texture/complexion is rather lovely! Not trying to toot my own horn here but I really think it's because of lemon juice. My left cheek is perfectly clear [MIRACLE!] so I've been able to see how the skin in that area reacts to my lemon juice treatment. There is a bit of scarring still left but it's to the point where it can pass off as freckles. I'm checking right now and I actually think most of the "spots" are moles or freckles actually LOLS

Yes, there is a bit of redness on my cheek and the pores closer to my nose are still pretty big but not a zit in sight on the left side! I hope I didn't jinx myself x:

I hope everyone is okay and making progress with their skin! Good luck & I'll see you guys in my next blog post XD

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would you consider posting your regimen? I'd like to know what you use to prevent new breakouts...my regimen is unrelenting antibiotics and retinoid and benzoyl peroxide...basically, I bathe my face in chemicals that acne bacteria cant multiply their cells in...topical clindamycin in gel form, followed by benzaclin...followed by tretinoin mixed with topical clindamycin and then more benzaclin..I also take antibiotics like Keflex or Amoxil up to 2,000mg a day and I take 100mg of spiro...you can see my skin in the gallery..I have a few albums posted in there..unfortunately I have no "before" pictures but I can assure you I used to have severe cystic acne.

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of course I will :>

I have a new skincare regimen I've just started for my nighttime routine.

I'm holding off on that because I want to report back some results instead of just a simple update on products. I promise to have a post about it in a week or two.

I also have a few blogposts I need to publish on my supplemental skincare like packs/masks/scrubs and what not...just haven't had the time to edit pictures x:

I know your regimen is pretty demanding of your time but you've made progress so keep it up <:!

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