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Day 3

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It's getting really hard to not wash my face with soap, it looks great, probably the best it has looked in a good 6 months but it just feels weird not to be scrubbing it all the time !

My skin had started to get a bit dry in certain patches on my face but having a long bath (using only water) solved this problem and left my skin extra glowy.

Did have one new spot on my chin this morning but weirdly it has already disappeared, I'm hoping my skin is just regulating itself now (?)

A little bit nervous that I might suddenly break out or something especially as I have a date on thursday which I obviously don't want to be all spotty for. However, if this continues as it is going right now then I should be fine !

As before here are some pictures of my skin as it is right now.

I'll keep you posted !


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once again...your no-washing experiment is nothing more than glorified voodoo...wash your face and put some acne meds on it...

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