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Retin-A Micro Update



Hey guys, so first of all i would like to address the fact of me not smiling in this photo, which for many of you dont know is a rare occurrence. i LOVE to smile but right now my face is so sore that this is the biggest smile i can manage lol. So i just finished washing my face and im waiting for it to dry so i can put my RAM on. but my face (mainly around my mouth), is burning really bad! im not sure why. For the past few days, everytime i wash my face and it comes time to put on my clyndamycin phosphate (dalacin) my face is burning so much! and i noticed that now when i wash my face i can see dead skin floating in the water and dead skin left over in my sink. and im not too sure why, im so gentle while washing my face so first off im not to sure why all this skin is coming off, and secondly why does my face burn so much. ATM if i look in the mirror i would see blood red marks where my skin usually flakes. has anyone had this problem, and if so what did they do? and also, how long does this last/ will my skin adjust to this? other than that i seem to have went through another breakout phase again. my skin has calmed down and all of the breakouts are more or less gone but i didnt know/think that there can be more than one break out phase? has anyone went through this either? my skin however is doing good as the acne marks are fading ever so slowly but i cant complain :) it is day 51 i think and im finally 16 although i didnt reach my goal of acne free skin by my birthday im not dis encouraged at all. you really cant put a due date on acne. treatments only do half the work, you need to do your half of the share also. please comment and ask questions :) thanks guys <3 the messages im getting in my inbox are really encouraging and i thank all of you guys for your kind words! <3

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