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Day 1 - 3 Claravis 20 Mg

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I am 5'5" and weigh approx 120lbs. My Dr. put me on 20 mg for the first month and plans to bump me up to 40mg the 2nd month.

I took my first dose in the pm with dinner. I didn't really notice anything except for my mouth being a little dry. I moisturized my whole body with organic Shae Butter lotion and Jojoba Oil and put CeraVe on my face with drops of Jojoba as well. - I plan on continuing this routine until I feel a need to change.

First Full Day - I went to Wal-Mart over my lunch hour and had some pain in my foot from just walking and my arm was sore for most of the day just from carrying my purse around. My scalp was a little itchy and it feels strange after I scratch it, like sensitive strange. My face kinda feels like it's purging blackheads already, I scratch my face in some places and little chunks of sebum or whatever it is get stuck under my fingernails. The skin on my body feels different, I can't really explain it. It feels rather sensitive on my shoulders and back where my bra straps rub, but didn't leave a mark. I didn't notice nearly as much oil. I have several painful cysts that I have had for a week now that didn't change. I went for a long brisk walk with my dogs and didn't experience any pain during or after. I slept fine actually better then normal.

I plan on having a heavily diluted drink with friends this evening we will see how it goes...................................

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