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Facing The Facts



I'm not a huge fan of water. This sounds really bad, but I honestly don't drink near enough water. I drink it while I'm working out and if I'm craving water (which doesn't happen very often) and everywhere I read everything is telling me that drinking water is just fantastic! It will make me feel better, help clear my skin, keep me hydrated. But let's face it water is boring, boring, boring. But I believe if I set my mind to it I can replace 90% of what I drink with water. With the help of a cute water bottle and some fruit to mix in with it I will find out if water is really all it's made up to be. Has anyone else found that water has made a difference in their life?? Best wishes for everyone and DRINK WATER!!

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Well everyone has different problems that lead to acne. Most of it is hormonal while others are bad diet, dirt and sometimes dry skin. I do believe drinking plenty of water can reduce and possibly get rid of acne for some people. Water litteraly cleans your whole body, it gets rid of toxins that may cause acne and rehydrates your skin. But if you have hormonal acne or for example rosacea, water probably won't help you.

I'd say do it. Even if it might not help your acne, drinking plenty of water has a lot of benefits and the first step to have a healthy body, good luck! :)

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Sorry for double comments but if you really hate water I'd reccomend putting some lemon in it. From the reviews I've read here, lemons are great for getting rid of acne + it will make water tastier for you!

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Thanks so much, your thoughts are really helpful. I'm am definatly going to commit to drinking water hopefully it will do me some overall good. :)

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