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Day 1

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I have had problems with my skin for most of my life. As a baby I had severe eczema and in my early teens I developed pretty severe acne.

I'm not even exaggerating when I say i have tried every single acne treatment available on the NHS. I have even been through 3 courses of roaccutane!

Recently, whilst my acne has definitely died down, probably due to my hormones calming down a bit, I have noticed that 6 or 7 years of cleaners, topical creams, scrubs and thick moisturisers has left my skin scarred and in generally terrible condition. The eczema that I had as a kid has also come back and has left me itchy all the time.

After lots and lots of reading on this site and others, it became apparent to me that the easiest and best way to get clear skin was simply to leave it alone and not wash it. So I have set myself a bit of a challenge, as of today I'm going to try simply leaving my face and not washing it.

I will update every few days on here with some pictures to let you see how this works out for me !

I've attached some pictures of my skin as it is right now :)

The acne/ red marks are noticeable but not severe. Skin in general is dry and flaky often feels rashy. Extremely flaky on upper eyelids and forehead. Skin feels bumpy to touch and looks dull.

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Good luck I hope all goes well and I'd love to hear how this turns out. Do you plan to continue using moisturizer even though your not washing? Best of luck!


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Thanks ! I'm hoping to update this dailyish do I'll let you know it turns out :) I won't be using any moisturisers or product at all on my skin apart from water occasionally, the oils in my skin should then start to act on their own meaning I won't need moisturisers (hopefully:L) x

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