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Day One



I've just completed my first morning of my personal version if the Regimin. I'm following the rules as best as possible but, I am restricted in some ways. I was currently on Proactiv which is bought, and paid for by my mom, who along with my sister still use. I've used it for several years, I tried some different products along the way but figured if Proactiv was working so well for my family it should work for me. Eventually I came to the conclusion that I was settling for OK skin. Proactiv didn't really prevent future break-outs or speed up the healing of current pimples. I'm sure it works well for others, but it wasn't helping me. With that said I'm still sort of using Proactiv because I cannot afford all new products, but I am doing my best to make it work.

My Products

What I am using is Clean&Clear foaming cleanser, Proactiv toner, Proactiv benzoyl peroxide, St.Ives Timeless Skin, Proactiv Oil free moisturizer, and Burt's Bees Herbal blemish stick. I also use lemon extract as a natural skin lightner for scarring and I am planning to invest in some AHA for my body acne.

My Routine

#1 when using a cleanser I follow Dan's direction and wash my face with warm water, apply cleanser for 10 sec. and then rinse. I try to avoid using a wash cloth unless I'm desperate for some reason (this is new to me because I've always needed a cloth to remove Proactiv Step one from my face).

#2 I found that Proactiv's toner is actually a great product so I just apply it lightly with a cotton pad to dry skin, evenly over my face. Then I give that a few minutes to dry.

#3 I use a whole 'whack' of bp because there is moisturizer included with Proactiv's. I've never really noticed much of a result from this but, I'm going to give it a try before purchasing a different one.

#4 It takes about 15 min. for that to dry, I just go about my day and then come back to apply mosturizer to my face. I'm using Proactiv oil free at the moment but, I really like St. Ives timeless skin.

#5 I give lotion quite awhile to absorb into my skin, then once it feels dry I use th blemish stick and apply it directly to any spots, big or small. It's the best spot treatment I've used. I see reduced redness in about 2 days and it doesn't make them really red before they fade it just skips right to the fading.

#6 I found that lemon works AMAZING on scars. so again I let my skin dry and then evenly apply lemon extract (that I just squeeze from fresh lemons into a bowl and keep until I've used it all up.) evenly onto my face and noticed improvment in scars with a week or so. I stopped doing this while I was on vacation and I did break out on my left cheek and ended up with 3 or 4 lovely scars so hopefully I will see improvement in those.

That is my complete routine unless I'm going to see a lot of sun then I use an oil free sunscreen. In the evening I do the same routine but, start in th shower and wash my cheast and back also. I'd really like to order some AHA so I can start using that on my back! I do have sensative skin but, I am used to most of these products already. If your intrested in trying lemon extract start with water and lemon and gradually work up to just lemon. For people worried about dry skin, just double your amount of lotion and it will help keep on top of that. I'm excited to see results!

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