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My Acne Story

Hi everyone so my name is Michael, I'm 15 years old from Canada and I suffer from nodular cystic acne. So for those of you who dont know what it is, nodular cystic acne is a severe form that happens deep within the skin (i think in the dermis), that is almost always painful and leaves acne marks! It's basically solid inflamed lesions on the skin that sometimes have white heads. I've personally been struggling with acne since grade 7, I'm only in grade 11 though but it's been a struggle both physically and emotionally. In elementary school i was teased for having acne although at that time it wasnt much, a blemish here and there, but as i got into highschool it got worse i would get them more frequently and more severly around my nose and chin. some days i would wake up and wish i could stay home cause i thought i was doing people a dis service for them to look at me, this was in grade 9. I actually thought that this was the worst of it... i was sadly mistaken. going into grade 10 my face was clear and i loved it, then somewhere along the way i started to get the acne again but not concentrated on my nose and chin like before. My whole face had it at least 7 on my cheeks and 5 on my forhead. it really took a toll on me emotionally when i would wake up look at myself and i couldnt even smile cause it hurt. Some days i would ask my mom to stay home cause i just felt terrible about my acne. All throughout my stuggle with acne i was made fun of and stared at. I didnt even want to go to the groceries anymore cause ONE time this child asked his mom what kind of disease i had. so half way through grade 10 i gave up and realized that acne is just something i have to deal with and became a self proclaimed pizza face. i was and am still very insecure about the way i looked. i mean i even tried covering it up with make up! ive tried many things for my acne and had it not work. ive done the stupid mistake of using 7 treatments at once in hope that it would cure me of this `disease` faster. ive cried because of it and have been extreamly depressed because of it also. Now im going into grade 11 with my skin almost clear, my head held high, and my self confidence boosted because of what has happened over the last 2 months and i want to tell you about how i was able to do something i only dreamed of a reality! smile.png

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My regimen is:

Step A. Wash face with dial antibacterial soap. Dry face with soft clean towel.

Step B. Apply pea size amounts of topical clindamycin and topical tretinoin. Wait three hours.

Step C. Wash face with dial antibacterial soap. Pat face with dry clean towel.

Step.D Apply Benzaclin. Wait three hours.Wash face with antibacterial soap or purpose gentle face cleanser,

Step E. Re-apply pea size amount of topical clindamycin and topical tretinoin. Wait three and half hours. Wash face with purpose gentle face cleanser.

Step F. Re-apply benzaclin. Wait three hours. Wash face with gentle purpose cleanser.

Step G.Re-apply topical clindamycin and sleep. Good night!


6:00AM take 1,000mg of cephalexin

12:30pm take 1,000mg of cephalexin.

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My regimen is:

Wash face with a mild clinique soap

Pat dry with clean towel

Clean off dirt and whatnot with neutrogena daily cleansing wipes

Pat dry

Apply clyndamycin on my face, (I have the alcohol based one though, I heard it works better than the cream/gel)

Wait for my skin to absorb it

Use the neutrogena rapid something 3-1 moituriser

As I go through my day I use the clyndamycin every hour or so, it really helps with my nodular cysts if I have any

Halfway through the day depending on what I do I may use another daily cleansing pad and I almost always apply the neutrogena 3-1 moisturizer again.

While I'm getting ready to sleep I wash my face with the soap again and go through my morning routine. After I finish that I wait 20 minutes for my skin to dry and apply 2 pumps of retin-a to my face. It sounds like a lot but its really just a repetitive use of 3 things and retin-a

Clinique soap: twice; morning and night

Clydamycin (dalacin): every hour throughout the day (unless I'm out all day)

Neutrogena 3-1 moituriser: 3 times a day; morning, mid day, night

Neutrogena daily cleansing pads: 2-3 times/ day

Retin a: only at night :)

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Your story sounds so inspiring I hope you get completely clear and stay clear. It sucks that you've missed so much of your life fighting your acne. But I am sure you have a great future to follow your years of suffering!

Your beautiful,


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