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End Of Week 1



So i've been on Accutane for a week (20mg a day)

I don't think i've had any side affects, but my lips are starting to become a little dry, and my back gets really sore :/ On the fourth day i started breaking out really bad on my jawline and chin, which has been extremely painful and keep getting worse. They are really hard lumps, like a blind pimples, and super itchy :/ I dont know if it is part of the initial breakout, or what. But I will see what changes in the second week.

Hope everyone is having a fantastic day :)


Does any one know if Accutane makes you lose/gain weight?

And when does the initial break out usually start? Or can you not have one at all?

I have attatched some photo's, these are clearer than my last pictures. But they show how bad my skin actually is, pretty scary and super ugly i must say :/ opinions would be greatly appreciated.

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omg I have been there! I am so happy you are using accutane. I am not your dermatologist but is there a possibility you could take an oral anti-biotic as well? And topical clindamycin? I just hate to see you suffering if its needless. You are so beautiful. You have to post pics after you have won the war with acne!! Fight! Fight! Fight!

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