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I Think I May Have Found It?

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A damsel in Distress


Ok so I'v been useing the Olay Spin Brush "thingy" for...a week now?? And I'v got to say. It's really working. I still have acne but it's getting better and considering where I am in my cycle my face is AMAZING.rolleyes.gif

I'm working on not picking and drinking more water, and I'm going to start using my nose strip things I got (by Biore) to help with the blackheads.huh.png

I also just bought some of Dan'stinydan.gif AHA lotion and I'm going to try to incorperate it into my routine. I think that should help with my blackheads too. I'm also going to start back with the Jojoba oil and lavender oil/and or tea tree oil on my face at night. I had stopped because I ran out but I ordered some from Dantinydan.gif so when it gets in the mail (along with the AHA ) I'll start using them and we'll see how it goes...rolleyes.gif

Delightfully, MEwub.png

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