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Pretty Impressive For A Spin Brush Thingy....

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A damsel in Distress


Ok, so I'v been useing the Olay Spin Brush PRO-X Spin Brush "thingy". And, I'm really impressed. I'm on my period and I usually have alot of hormonal acne going on about right now, but everywhere that they've threatened to popped up the brush ran them off!!!!!! I did go a little crazy on my nose last night...its just I can't STAND blackheads!!!!!!!!crazy.gif

But, I'm really going to try and be patient and let the brush take care of it.

One thing I'v been thinking about and have decided to try is wearing artifical nails (slightly long. medium length) to keep from picking at my face. I don't know if it will STOP me. But I'm pretty sure it will make it a lot harder for me!!!!!

I got the idea from a girl I watch on youtube who has struggled with really bad acne. She's actually famous for it, shes been on the news and everything. Her name in Cassandra Bankson. She goes by diamondsandheels14. I LOVE her. She's like my herowub.png

But at anyrate, I'm going to be trying that shifty.gif I just really want to stop picking..rolleyes.gif

Delightfully, Merolleyes.gif

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I think you need to see a dermatologist and get on some anti-biotics...topical and oral. That should cut back on the breakouts. Also using Retin-A or Differin or even epi-duo (adapalene and benzoyl peroxide) will help with getting smooth skin. I had so much cystic acne that I would ocassionally destroy my face by picking on it. Be easy on yourself and use the preventive measures I have outlined above. Making suggestions to your dermatologist may make you nervous due to the power differential, but I have found that the more I ask for drugs to fight acne the more I get and the better my skin looks. I use Retin-A, topical clindamycin, benzaclin, amoxil and spironolactone daily. Its the only way to clear skin. Patience is the key to success...never give up and if you don't have health insurance try to get on medical assistance or state funded health care..bye!

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Hey :) thank you for your comments! Right now I'm still searching for a way to cure my acne without going on meds because I have heart problems and most meds are a no no for me :/ HOWEVER, if I can't find a cure I will go to a doctor and take WHATEVER they are allowed to give me. I also can't use BP because of how sensitive my skin is (sigh).... :(

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