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Week 1 Review

What a difference a week makes!!

My first visit to the dermatologist last week resulted in the following diagnosis:

Grade 5/6 inflammatory acne with comedonal papules, pustules, and some deep nodular, pustular lesions.

The treatment plan for the time being:

Epiduo gel 45g to be used once at night time - build up tolerance to reduce risk of irritancy.

Lymecycline 408mg capsules - 1 to be taken twice a day for 3 weeks, therefore reducing to once daily.

Cetaphil cleanser - to be used twice daily.

I have stuck to the strict instructions by my dermatologist and all I can say is wow!

I really don't want to jinx myself by saying this but my skin has improved so much in one week, no new pimples or cysts, the cysts I had have reduced a LOT, and the infection is gone! And much less pain :)

I am pleased I was told how to use the Epiduo gel correctly - I have managed to build tolerance without irritating my skin and no major IB - it drew a lot of crap out from the lesions I already had but didn't bring out any new pimples...yet!

The Cetaphil gentle cleanser is really good for me - why haven't I used this before?! It's the best I've ever used and I will continue to use this from now on. I'm not allowed to put any moisturiser of any kind on my skin right now but i don't feel I need any as the cleanser balances my skin wonderfully.

Hopefully the progress is further boosted when I get to start Dianette, which i'm still waiting for.

I feel a lot better in myself as well - I have been out every day for the last few days without wearing the bandage on my chin and I don't feel as self-concious about my skin as I first did. Sure, I have a long way to go and my face still looks bad but it's nothing like it was before treatment.

My dermatologist is a God send, I am so happy right now!

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aw wow good for you, I have tried lymecycline and it literally did nothing for me :( i guess this may just be working for you, hope it stays that way!

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Thanks! :) I'm pretty sure I was on a lower dose of lymecycline in the past when my acne was very mild and I don't think it did anything then but taking a high strength dose twice a day seems to be helping!

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Great to hear! I said Cetaphil was pretty good didn't I! Likewise, I don't moisturise anymore, seems like the cleanser does it for me. Pleased that things are improving, fingers crossed it keeps getting better. More importantly, it's wonderful that you're feeling better and not as self-conscious. Keep it up! :)

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