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21 June 2012 : Very Bad Food Poisoning Then After Affects



On the evening of thursday the 21st June 2012 i got very bad food poisoning. Most likely from some old egg fried rice.

that evening i did some sprintign then ate some egg fried rice made with some mince beef that had been lieing aroudn out fo the fridge from the day before and the rice was at least 2 days old.

Diarrhea for a day or so then sickness as well.

Could only drink for a good few days.

Then had glucose/salt solution and then soem ice lollies.

After abotu 5 days eventually had some porridge and rice pudding.

Skin was ok then when started eatign again wa actaully good but last few days been eatign all kinds of shti and has gone bad again.

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