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Day 11... Wow That Went Fast



Wow! Day 11... so far this process is going faster than I could have hoped (I know 11 days doesn't seem like much but I was so nervous to start this thing I honestly though each day would feel like an eternity). Anyways, side effects seem to be showing up little by little, but still aren't TOO awful.

As of right now my lips are dry, but nothing terrible, the Aquaphor definitely helps keep them feeling okay. I'm a little itchy on my body, I assume from the dryness, but again, it's not intolerable. My shins actually feel a little sore, and working out makes me very sore, so I've been taking it easy on pushing myself too hard at the gym. My face is dry, but again, not SUPER dry. Although I sometimes get these little red patches at the corner of my eyes (before even starting Accutane) which my Derm told me was dry skin. I now have one under my eye, so I guess this is from my skin getting dryer? He told me a little vaseline would work for the corners and so I've been using it under my eye as well (and on the corner of my nostrils, those are getting dryer too) and it's helping a lot. My lower back hurts a little, and this is what I find most annoying.

HOWEVER... I think my face is already starting to look better!! I will post pictures so you can see for yourself, but I have to say, if things stay this way (as in, my faces gets progressively better) I think I can handle any side effect (or at least I hope... lol)

See ya'll in another 10 days or so!


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