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Spironolactone?! Day 5

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Aldactone in Canada - so my skin has been reasonably good. No deep spots since I stopped with Retin A just a few small bumps around my jaw line. My doctor is amazed that my skin is not clear yet. I refused to go back on Retin A because it never worked for me - EVER! in the past 20 years of dealing with Acne - Retin A never worked for me.

The only other medication I have not tried (and I have tried EVERYTHING) is Aldactone. So I agreed, my acne is no doubt hormonal and I wanted to try to this medication after reading all the postive reviews on acne.org, makeupalley.com etc. Maybe this is my Acne Cure - maybe.

So it has been 5 days on Aldactone (AD for short) and I have noticed subtle changes in my skin already - it is smoother and I have not broken out. In all fairness, my acne is quite mild right now but I want clear skin - is that too much to ask? I notice I have to pee like crazy and I feel fatigued and sleep right thru the night which is a good thing.

I will keep y'all updated.

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