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Dairy Free - Week 1 Update

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So I have cut out dairy for one week now. Though I'm not expecting miracles straight away, I thought it would be good to give week-by-week updates. I have also cut down my sugar consumption over the last few weeks.

My left cheek looks great, no new acne for several days and the scars are fading. Sadly, my right cheek has gone apesh*t crazy again and I have several purple, sore, under-the-skin lurker type spots which are driving me insane. It's weird because I think I have defeated an outbreak for a few days, and then it erupts again in exactly the same areas. My chin and forehead are completely clear, my nose too apart from the odd tiny whiteheads. So why just the one cheek? I sleep on my back and change my pillow case regularly.

Another plus has been that the tiny pimples on my chest have died down. They never worried my much because they were so light, but it's nice not to have them.

I am toying with the idea of buying the Clinique BB cream. I want a light base for my mineral powder, but am worried that it will break me out further. I can't get a sample to try because where I live in the UK the BB is only available online, and it costs quite a lot of money :/ If anyone has given this a shot then please let me know what you think!

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