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An Introduction



Where to begin??

My name is Nicole, I'm 20years old & from New Zealand.

Since I hit high school (13y/o) I've always had a few spots on my face.

I tried a few topical treatments & antibiotics from my GP, which worked well at the time.

I wouldn't say my skin was any worse than anyone else my age though, and it wasn't until I had finished school & got my first job that it really became a problem. After my first 3 or 4 months of my first job, I started breaking out like CRAZY.

Never being one to be able to just put up with pimples, I went to my GP who then referred me to a local dermatologist. He then prescribed me 3 months of Oratane.

By this time I had been on the internet & read all the horror stories about this drug & was shit scared to start it! But my skin was affecting my confidence too much, so I started the roller-coaster that is Oratane!

After 3 months I had most of the common side effects (minus the initial breakout - i was lucky!), EVERYTHING was dry, my joints were sore, I was sometimes dizzy & was very moody haha.

I was just about to finish the 3 months when I had a check up with the derm.

He told me he wanted me to take 3 more months (something he never mentioned to me in the first appointment) but my skin was already perfect & at the time my Mom was going through Cancer treatment & I didn't think I could handle another 3 months.

But now, about a year since I started my first course, my pimples are back in strong force! I don't know if you would class it as real acne, generally theres about 6 or so pimples scattered across my face. Sometimes less, alot of the time more. But I have moved out of home recently, & really don't want to have to hide under makeup (or in my room when I have none on) all the time instead of not worrying & enjoying my new freedom.

I have been put on 20mg for 6 months & am currently on my 3rd day, my skin hasn't dried up yet but I have felt really nauseous & have had the sorest throat the last 2 days... don't know if its connected but hopefully it goes away soon!

So I have decided to record my journey here, & hopefully my blog can help others like others have helped me! The rest of my updates shouldn't be this long (sorry about that) but I'll try to come on often & let everyone know how it's going! I would love to hear from anyone starting around the same time as me, or anyone on the same dose!

smile.png Nicole.

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Welcome, Nicole! :)

It's a pity that the first course didn't quite do the trick. Fingers crossed that it's a case of second time lucky.

You'll find plenty of experiences on the blogs and there's also lots of first hand accounts in the logs section of the message board.

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