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"miss, Why Is Your Face All Red?"

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The joy of working with small children is that they speak their minds. The downside is that sometimes they will comment on your acne. In front of everyone...

My cheeks have broken out again. So annoyed. I don't know what kind of spots they are, they're these small hard red pimples that eventually turn to whiteheads after a few days. They leave really bad red marks, especially as I am so pale. I fell off the wagon last week and had some chocolate and a flapjack. I am still trying to cut out the sugar but my focus now is on dairy - the hardest thing is cheese, but I also love yoghurt and butter on my toast. I'm really enjoying green tea at the moment which is supposed to be good at reducing inflammation. I'm going to give the dairy-free thing a proper trial for 4 weeks.

It's the inflammation that's the worst for me. I could deal with a few blackheads, but the pimples I get are sore, swollen and very red. It's very hard to cover the big lumps up because they still look kind of purple under my foundation. At the moment I'm using Clinique's Anti-Blemish foundation underneath a mineral powder. I don't like the heavily made-up look, but at the moment I'd rather that than being all blotchy and shiny.

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lol don't worry, my little Jude pointed at a pimple on my forehead the other day and said "mommy, a hunter shoot you?" haha, you're not alone :)

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But they love us no matter what, after he said that i said "is mommy ugly" and he said "NO! mommy's nice", from the mouth of babes, they always make you feel better :)

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