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Day 71



Nothing much to report still. Eczema is back again...yuck. Still have the same joint pains. Using bio oil every night... not sure it's doing anything. But it might be lightening up a scar on my leg. My skin is really soft and it's perfectly clear right now..though it looks ugly with all the marks and scars. I want to be off this stuff so bad, but I will stay on it longer this cycle if that's what the doctor thinks because I do NOT want to ever do this or fight with acne again.

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Hi, this is my first time reading your blog!! I'm on day 12 on accutane by the way. You said your're totally clear! When did first get clear? I thought most people got clear on the 3rd or 4th month? Does that mean you're acne was mild/moderate? And for the scarring, would your dermatologist let you use anything to try to fade them?

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Well, my situation is kind of weird because I was pretty much clear when I started my treatment. I had very severe breakouts from November to January or something, but I didn't want to do accutane again so I sort of did Dan's regimen with a benzoyl peroxide treatment and it did treat my acne, but I just couldn't take the burning of the benzoyl peroxide and the dryness...but the main reason I decided to do accutane again was because I scar REALLY easy and I could see all the damage on my face from those months of breaking out and I knew I had to stop the acne completely for good. But yes, the 3rd or 4th month is when most become clear, I think that's how I was on my first cycle.

I haven't talked to my derm about scar treatment yet. I am pretty sure he would say not to do anything until my treatment is over since my skin is sensitive right now. During my first cycle he mentioned a chemical peel once I was off of it, but I ended up not needing one. I am seriously considering a chemical peel after this round though.

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