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Day 18... Initial Breakout?



So I have about 4 inflamed pimples on my right cheek..thankfully they aren't crazy huge and deep like usual but they aren't little either....not sure if this is the IB or not seeing as how I usually have acne but right when I started the accutane most of my active cysts and pimples were healing...I have so much PIH it looks worse than it probably is...current side effects include dry lips (cracking in right corner) flaky scalp, dry eyes and nose and dry patches on arms and legs...I have been using organic body oil and body butter almost every night before bed so that is helping...and continuing the aquaphor on my lips every 30 mins or so..can't stop rubbing my lips together though! Oh well...I go for my blood work next Thursday..crossing my fingers for that..then off to so-cal for a camping trip with my boyfriend...were riding his motorcycle down there so I gotta make sure to lather on the SPF....I'm getting a little discouraged about this medication from reading other blogs who are father out than I am and still breaking out..I thought this was the miracle drug? I hope it is for me...I'm taking this huge medical risk with my family history to clear my acne and I'm gonna be pissed if it doesn't work.

Until next time....

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