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Sugar-Free And Going Strong

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I managed to avoid eating any biscuits yesterday night, even though they were lying temptingly on the sideboard. No new acne when I woke up this morning - hurrah! - but on the downside I picked at my left cheek yesterday, so woke up to a huge inflamed lump. Not a pretty sight. I also remembered to do a sea-salt mask this morning, which I should do more often - it doesn't prevent spots coming, but seem to help dry everything up and take the inflammation down.

I am currently on two cups of green tea with lemon per day. It's not the same as black tea and milk, but at least it's healthier. I am beginning to think that dairy might be more of a culprit than sugary snacks, although I'm sure that neither of them help. A couple of months ago I had a horrible stomach flu that lasted for weeks, and I was drinking loads of milk which helped to settle my stomach. I was also ODing on those probiotic yogurts to try to rebalance the bacteria. I wonder if this might have prompted my current breakout situation. But on the other hand I also ate tons of chocolate over Easter, so it might be related to that little binge as well.

Anyway I am praying for no new spots because I have a date this week which I've been looking forward to. It's going to be enough effort trying to cover the mess on my face as it is, but flat marks are so much easier to conceal than raised bumps. I was feeling so sorry for myself yesterday and crying about my skin, which I know is stupid because things could be so much worse. There is a woman who works in a pub near me who has terrible facial burns - puts my skin problems into perspective, which is no bad thing.

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