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Okay, so last night I decided to conduct a sort of experiment; I bought the new clearsil face wash (which I read online people are not such big fans of because of the salicylic acid thats been added ) but all of last year when my skin was really clear I was using clearsil (the old formula) and it really worked, so.. I figured id give this one a shot because I liked the way it lathered in my hands and really cleaned through my face... but- heres the catch. Im only washing one side of my face with it, my right side. and my left side I am continuing to wash with my regular cerve face soap (its a very plain soap..which to my doctor is the best to use but I never find it really cleans my face from my makeup and daily oils as well as a face wash with alittle acne product it in.) surprisingly; now i doubt it is just from the one night and morning of this facewash- but my right side was already clearing up alittle. so maybe this will help? if it makes it worse then i will for sure be able to tell and will know that this is not a good product to use. but for now... i will continue the experiment and hope it goes well (and hope that my other cheek clears up for the hell of it as well!)

any suggestions on this product? should i not even be using this because of the salicylic acid?

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