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People On Accutane Be Careffull In The Sunn.. I Learnt The Hard Wayy



okay sooooooooooo maybe this kinda only applies to people in the UK where sun and nice weather is rare ...we've had a rate nice week up in York which brought me to procrastinate and leave me assignments for a week in the sun with my friends... PUT SUN BLOCK ON. within about 10 mins my back was burnt to shit and then i put sun cream on but it didnt really help allthat much. my face got burnt pretty bad ...but not like normal sunburn.. it made me red across me nose and cheekbones but my whole skin got sooo dry flaky and tight :( so just be so careful... skins so sensitive... only 2 weeks to go i cant waiiittt to be off it. results are looking great (minus the sunburn) so ill post some pics soon

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