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Claravis - 80Mg - Day 15

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Well hello dry skin.. nice to see you. (sort of.) I took my middle sister to the dr. yesterday which meant being in public which meant wearing makeup. I lathered on as much moisturizer as I could before applying a little concealer and powder and it looked ok for a few hours. By the time we were headed home.. my chin was a flaky mess as was the area around my nose. I woke up this morning to a VERY dry face. My chin is peeling and the areas around my 'spots' (both cheeks) are flaky and will probably peel in a day or so. Luckily I have nowhere to be for the next few days. However I obviously can't hole up in my house for the next 18 weeks LOL.

As far as breaking out... still nothing crazy. On top of my excessive dry skin today..i noticed a few VERY Small bumps near my PROBLEM areas on each cheek... the new bumps are miniscule in size and nothing to worry about.

My newest side effect is.. (drum roll) bleeding gums. Nice hu? Brushing my teeth is rather unpleasant since my gums are suddenly mega sensitive? And when I went to brush my teeth the night of day 13 (i think) my gums bled like crazy? Something I have never experienced so I think it's safe to say the Accutane is to blame. Again... it's something I can live with. They aren't bleeding every time .. but i definitely have to be careful when brushing my teeth not to go crazy on my gums. The dryness in my nose is either not AS bad or i'm more used to it... who knows. Lips are a LOT more dry but not cracked. I keep them greased up 24/7. I even re-apply during the night.

I have one bump that during my first week acted like it was coming back. It has since subsided. I can still barely feel it under my skin (not that i'm touching my face or anything... ahem...) but it's not visible so that's nice.

(This parts gross... skip if you're weak stomached) Update on the two massive knots on my right cheek that are side by side. The one closest to my mouth continues to seep (I know... yuck) Odly enough what comes out of it is literally the equivalent of what's inside my Claravis capsules. I accidentally punctured one of my pills the other day trying to get it out of the words most difficult packaging and when i pulled my fingernail out of the capsule... I realized it was filled with an almost orange liquid?? What's seeping from this spot on my cheek is identical to that?? Weird! But i guess that's a good sign the 'stuff' is IN my system. The twin mountain beside that spot is smaller in size but nowhere near un-noticeable. I pretty much have to wear a tiny circular bandaid on the two spots when I go in public because the leaky one tends to have a mind of it's own. Fun stuff.

I haven't changed my products any... still washing morning and night with cetaphil. Moisturizing with Burts Bees and using Burts bees chapstick. Ready to reach the 1 month mark and see if there are any big changes to note.

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