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New Regime



I can't wait for a month to come! This acne is seriously putting me into a depression. And I'm trying not to do too much until my appointment but we all knew that wasn't going to happen.

But, I can't wait for my new regime. This is what I'm thinking:


Oral antibiotic

Wash face with honey


Oral antibiotic

Remove makeup with ponds towelettes

Wash face with honey

Maybe apply a topical antibiotic

Depends on what the doc gives me but no matter what, I want that minocycline. My room mate takes minocycline for her breakouts (I get so mad whenever she complains about the two tiny dots on the side of her mouth while the rest of her complexion is poreless, spotless and perfect). It's seeming to work for her too. So anyways, just one more month and life will be better. One more month and I'll be done with school. One more month and I can start wedding planning for real. One more month to smooth, wonderful skin. The skin I should have always had.

One more month.

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