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Praying It Goes Away

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Liam Foster


So I have started to eat much healthier than I normally did. Not a massive deal as I can't currently afford all the stuff I want, however I have stopped my intake of dairy, and I havn't had an intake of junky food in a hell of a while now. Not long now until I head back home where from then I can finally start my course of cetaphil facewash and moisturiser and also try a strong BP gel. My forehead is still incredibly bad, not just from big annoying spots but just so much redness!! Getting new acne everyday, I have had it so long now Its like a sixth sense, I know when new ones are forming, I get an itch in a certain place and and can suddenly feel one merging.

I think hopefully when i begin a facewash regime and start eating more fruit and veg, im praying it will fade away. Its gonna be a long journey but I will stick through it! If all else fails, it seems as though I will have to go on accutane. However realistically, if eating healthier does clear it up like everyone says, and taking the right supplements and having a daily facewash regime doesn't work then I will be very surprised and lost from where i should go next.


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